Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Show Everybody Has Been Talking About

Tyra Banks recently kicked off a new season of her talk show "The Tyra Show" with an episode about Skin bleaching. Most of you probably dont have 40 minutes to spare but i encourage you to watch this clib because it's really a sad day when black people believe that lighter skin is better, and they REFUSE to carry a darkskin baby on their hip [yep! one of them ladies said it] BUT for those who wont watch it under the video is a Re-cap of what went on in those 40 minutes

So first it started off with Tyra basically asking them when they started and one of the ladies said she started at 5 years old when her mom began putting bleaching cream on her, SUPRISE SUPRISE it just so happens that she bleaches her 3 little boys as well, and the sad thing about it is that they actually believe that bleaching makes them better. These boys didnt say it makes them look better,they said it makes THEM better, sad right. So some lady basically told the lady who bleaches her children that she's instilling in her boys no type of self esteem and basically that she's failing them as a mother. So then basically they blah blah blah's for a little while and then went to commercial. When they came back they showed that these ladies were sent to a FAKE skin bleaching seminar [heaven to them]. These desperate women [because i am trying to refrain from vulgar language as i speak on this matter] Were so desperate for lighter skin that they didnt even care about the side affects, i mean to me bleeding anally is just something im not willing to do for lighter skin, getting my skin pulled off and put back on isnt something that im willing to do, and boils on the skin, HELL NO!!! But enough about what im willing to do, some of them didnt even care that DEATH was a side affect, they wanted the surgery, and one even said that she was willing to miss car payments and other IMPORTANT payments [huh? she better be from new york talking like that, where theres buses and trains everywhere, but out of town ....she trippin]
Then my girl Bre [heyyy breeee] did an investigation basically showing that the manufacturers of thee skin bleaching creams are basically targetting us black folks, [who would've guessed, i say that sarcastically] To end the show a doctor got up and basically [in my opinion] didnt scare us enough to believe that skin bleaching can really mess you up. JUST WATCH IT. It was a really interesting show

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