Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Out Of Retirement? Possibly...

OMG, there's a possibility that ONSD will be returning....

I think Angie Martinez, Irv Gotti (and his second season show), reggae, and Rick Ross may just bring me out of retirement. Not only has Dom asked for it, and Dizzy said it's a good look, but I've been wanting to vent and post on The website so much, but you lovely motherf*ckas wont read that if i post it on MY blog, and I wanna keep B+C girly, and rebellious...this is just rebellious and im free to curse here. =)

IDK, Dillllleeeeemmmmaaaaaaa!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cam'ron - I Used To Get It In Ohio (CDQ/DIRTY)

Thanks To Miss Info

Dont forget about the video ...

This One Is For E-Rich (When Twitter Beef Gets Real)

Lately Nore and Perez Hilton has been in a very publicized twitter brawl over homosexuality ...amongst other things. Lets see what happens when the two meet face to face.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Beyonce On Ice....Or Broadway....Or Hollywood...Or Everything

Everyone thought that i was being a "Hater" when i said Beyonce was taking over the world. However they took what i said out of context. I mean, Literally. She's taking over the entertaiment world.

Broadway Musicals?????
Super Hero?????
Next Im sure she will be ice skating to some Disney enchanted princess movie on ice.


Yall Are Going To Kill Me For This....

...Hell even I Wanna kill me for this post. Because the video aint really worth shit, I'll type what I have to say above it.

Bow wow is still determined to name is Album....New Jack City II. I think that somebody should sue his ass. Im pretty sure somebody somewhere is able to sue him. I just dont think you should have a song like this one on an album called New Jack City. Have you even seen the damn movie? SMH

Never Mind The fact that

Character Approved (Lupe Fiasco)

When these commercials first started coming on whatever channel law and order re-runs come on i thought i was tripping. I saw Lupe and the dude who painted the now famous (or infamous) picture of Barack Obama.

When it came on a secod time .....hahaha....

It's always nice to hear him speak.

A Burger Joint + A Museum + Hollis

I thought the south was crazy for the Chicken Annnnnd Waffles. But Burger Joint and Museum? Cant Wait To Get There When im back in NYC.

Nore is Locked Up, They Wont Let Him Out

New York rapper N.O.R.E. was arrested on Miami Beach on Sunday afternoon after punching a man in the face and throwing a cup of yellow liquid on him, according to police.

Letters To Cam (How Ironic Is That Title?)

I Have A Question For All Of You

16 homo - 16 homo = ???? (A Tough one ....Think about it)


And why the f*ck is everyone's name L-O-L?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Joe Budden PSA

Im Pushing 30....Damn thats Old. .....Im Pushing 29, It Sounds Much Better"

Chef Boy R' CAM!!! (Cookin Up - Cam'Ron)

And He's Back. I wasn't feeling that I Hate My Job joint that much (it was ...differet) BUT THIS???? This Is The Cam I Was Lookin For.

Some Killa Cam Dates:

Crime Pays (The Album) Comes Out On May 5th On Asylum/Diplomat Records.
Get It In ohio Drops FEBRUARY 25TH On MTV's Sucker Free.
Crime Pays (The Movie) Comes Out In July

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Weave, My Saviour

Her tracks saved her life. Her Ex Boyfriend tried to shoot her and the miraculous Weave Gods Above decided that it wasnt her time to move on to that great big beauty supply store up above in heaven.

-"I've invested alot of money into this weave and it saved my life, it saved my life"

Its about time that these lace fronts stand up to their end of the bargain.

Im Filing this under I Blame Beyonce. The queen of the lace front wig.

Hip Hop Quotable: David Banner VS. Perms

*Sigh* As The week started to come to an end this week i didnt think that i would find a Good Hip Hop Quotable...Until David Banner.....

Rapper David Banner asked women in the audience at a University to try to explain why they straightened their hair. Someone in the audience said something to the effect of "To get a decent job and not be viewed as a threat to a boss of a different race" ....

Guess What David Banner Said....
"This is what I mean when I say black people don’t love themselves, perming your hair is a clear example of ‘black-on-black crime’ and media control. Black-on-black crime is not just a black person committing a violent act against another black person.

Hell, i could have sworn a black woman invented the perm. How you gonna just Down Her WHOLE ENTIRE INVENTION? STFU and GTFOH

WAIT!! David Banner is also the dude who said the term Gangsta Rap Is Equivalent To The Word NIGGER *Blank stare*

IF IM NOT MISTAKEN David Banner you have some of the most derogatory (towards women) videos that depict African Americans as Thugs, gangsters, bitches, and hoes. If im not Mistaken Mr. Banner YOUR FIRST SONG WAS CALLED "Like A PIMP"

Am i Wrong Mr. Banner?

If I'm Not Mistaken Mr. Banner in the movie BLACK SNAKE MOAN, you depicted an African American That Sold Drugs and had sex with countless women. Did You not play the player/pimp/drug dealer role in the movie sir?

I Would like to formally tell you to sit your ass down and shut up. Do NOT misrepresent yourself as an African American who is "For The Cause" of Blacks.

Speaking of uplifting black people He also said this:
Chris Brown is being convicted and character assassinated in the media and we don’t even know what Rihanna did yet,”

As A BLACK MAN You should CONDEMN this kind of behavior especially since people of other races already believe that we are violent people. You should talk to Chris Brown and tell him what he did was wrong because CLEARLY what he did was NOT acceptable

I NEVER COMMENT on the hip hop quotable because they are usually of the ignorant nature but this infuriated me BEYOND belief.

P.S. I HAVE NEVER SAW A WOMAN IN YOUR VIDEO WITH OUT A WEAVE OR A PERM. So Obviously You Condone Black On Black Crime You Ass Hole.

Pimpin' Curly Returns

And This Time I Think He Says Bitch More than he did in the last video. Im not sure.

Dwayne Wade Does Not Feel That Burning Itching Sensation

"It has been difficult to see false allegations, rumors and gossip repeatedly discussed in public about my personal life, I had no other choice but to file this action in order to clear my name."

OK. Soooooo About a month ago I posted a story about Dwayne Wade's Divorce and how it was getting ugly. His wife said that Mr. Wade burned her. Me being SW automatically looked at her sideways because .... If he was burning and cheating how come she was the only one who was feeling that Burning Itching Sensation. She claimed he cheated on her with so many women but no one else came up to say that he gave them anything.
Siohvaughn Wade said last month the player infected her with an unspecified disease in 2007. Weeks later, she withdrew the claim from the court hearing the divorce case for unknown reasons.

Why did she revoke the statement? Hmmm...
He's also suing her lawyers as well, and wants $50,000 dollars from each of them. I think her lawyers should pay because why would you allow your client to make false accusations.

She Shoulda Hired Shaevitz & Shaevitz or hit up The Cochran Firm.


Please DO NOT E-Mail Me Rihanna Pictures

.....Because I Wont Post Them. The only reason why im even aknowledging that they exist is because people are e-mailing them to me. I would like to say thank you for trying to inform me you guys really are the best, however i dont wish to exploit her situation just to get people to read my blog. I also do not wish to exploit her situation to entertain people who think that the situation is funny because honestly it;s not.

I would also like to address Team Chris Brown....The females at least.

-"You Dont Know What She Did To Him"

Unless she seriously did pass some sort of STD on to him (Which I Doubt....) he had no business doing what he did to her. I dont care whooooo he is; Chris Brown, Bobby Brown, Or Charlie Brown.

So with that being said all you dumb ass groupies should probably kick rocks....

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


Hey Ma, Look What We Found! from The Real Extras on Vimeo.

Erickkkk!!! LMAO

Monday Feb. 23rd. I Must Be Dreaming.

"I tracked down the untrackable, googled the un-googleable"

Miss Info and These Crazy Rosenthal Brothers have made me the happiest person Alive.

Kanye Got A Filthy Mouth

Kanye West and Kid Cudi presented their videos (Together) On 106th and Park Yesterday. You probably have seen the video, unless your like me and dont watch no damn 106th and park....cause i dont.

Beyond that. Did Kanye not know that the audience members are all more than likely between the ages of 16-18? I mean i know they curse already but shit we aint gotta display more stuff for white people to shake their heads at us for.

DIRTY MOUTH?????????


For A Good Fresh Feeling No Matter What......

Monkeys And Trolls

Via Illdoctrine

Thursday, February 19, 2009

(Video) Day N Nite - Kid Cudi

Alot Of Weirdness

M.I.A's Son

I Dont know if you've seen this handsome young fella yet but here's a picture of M.I.A's Baby Boy

The young man A Friend of M.I.A posted the picture and then took it down but ....toooo late buddy.

Spotted HERE

Seriously though? A Monkey?

*Sigh* First and foremost I would like to say that I never read, nor have I ever liked the NY post, because they post false stories all the time. I've been in certain places where things have happened, then later picked up a NY Post and read some wild made up story about what I just saw occur.

No Moving right along. I'm pretty sure that you guys have heard about the Monkey Cartoon, especially if you live in NY because Rev. Al Sharpton is all over this. Well here's the cartoon:

Seriously? This is what it's come to?

Well according to the Huffington Post :
At its most benign, the cartoon suggests that the stimulus bill was so bad, monkeys may as well have written it.

And according to ME:
If your going to be racist then you might as well go ahead and be open about it. Why try to keep it on the low and be sneaky about how you feel? Let the world know how you truly feel.

Micheal Jackson Is NOT going to like this and Bubbles is protesting.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Young Buck Wants You To Know

....That He's Fine.

Here, Buck Teams up with Colin Munroe on this Beatnick + Salaam produced track.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Officer Rickyyyyy Saturday Cartoons

I Missed This One But LMAO At Chris Brown Getting Arrested ....Lmao