Saturday, October 25, 2008

The B Is For....


The B Is For Barack Obama, Or at least so SHE SAYS. I Say it stands for B*tch. I know a certain blogger was happy about this when it first came out but she's a damn hater anyway [i said it...] yeah it was a lie hater. ANYWAY this lady claimed that a 6 foot 2 knife wielding BLACK man attacked her because he saw a McCain sticker on her car. LMAO when i first heard this i laughed because i knew she was lying but the cops felt the need to go on a n*gga hunt expedition to find her attacker. When People from the McCain camp heard about it they made a comment saying "this is sick" though we all knew they thought they would be able to come to the girls side and take pictures at her hospital bedside or something. That never happened because she was lying and finally admitted to lying.
The Funniest part of the story is the backwards "B" carved into her face. I mean the guy who did it had to be dyslexic he put a perfect B on her face and not a scratch. If she was smart she would have put a O. Her quest to bring the black man down is a FAIL