Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Even The Family Guy Cartoon Is Getting Arab Money

I think The Arabs ARE REALLY UPSET NOW. They're not feeling this.
AND E-Rich pointed out to me that it may be because Arabs are some of the richest people, but i was referring to the stereotypes in the song, and Family guy [no matter how funny it is] just pushed ALL of those stereotypes on front street. Call me too serious but....you wouldnt like it if it was "We getting Black People Money" made by whites selling drugs on corners and eating chicken and watermelon with dollars in brown paper bags =]


E-Rich said...

I watched that on OnSmash, and I totally wish I didn't. That was just. . . no. The way they're putting everything about "Arab Money" on the internet, you'd think this was the biggest song of the year.

Super Woman said...

E-Rich it might just be, if soulja boy can do it then so can Busta Bust.