Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lil Wayne And Baby Make A Movie.

NOOOOO Not that kind of a movie, get your mind right. The Matian and his "daddy" Baby are said to be shooting a movie coming out in 2009, where they will be portraying their life growing up in New Orleans. According to The movie is supposed to be coming out in June here's what BABY said:
“Me and Wayne just finished this movie, Like Father, Like Son, that’s coming out in June and the album coming out at the same time,” Baby told Free. “That’s what we do. Just me being myself. I just wanted to, it’s something we wanted to fund. It’s ours.”

How touching is that? Real touching son, real touching he also goes on talking to Free backstage at the 105.1 Powerhouse Concert about the movie saying :
“So, it’s really what it is, like father, like son,” Baby added. “Normal day growing up in New Orleans, you know. Hood rich.”

Hood rich may also be why the feds are questioning them about the Million Dollars In Cash Birthday Gift That baby gave to weezy F recently....Hood rich.
OH YEAH wayne chimed in confirming The Carter 4 and re-releasing The Carter 3

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Da Hunni Toya said...

i gotta see this movie