Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nancy Grace Finally Stopped Looking For Caylee For A Second

Nancy Grace who is notorious [in my eyes] for looking for Caylee a young girl who may have been murdered by her mother who claims the baby sitter kidnapped her....after she stashed the girl with the babysitter, know what that lady had some issues and i couldnt explain it because the story was actually CONFUSING

ANYWAY here she talks to William Balfour's Mom [Person of interest in the Hudson Murder Case] and she says Her Son Did NOT Kill them.

Did she just SPAZZ On Nancy?!? I dont blame His mom because Nancy Grace makes me upset with her smart ass mouth.

P.S.: i wont post anything else about the Jennifer Hudson Case until the killer is found its heartbreaking and this is these people's lives we are talking about, not a damn soap opera.

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