Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Powerhouse NY 2008 [Jay & Bey]

I SWEAR TO EVERYTHING. Hot 97 your going to have to at least TRY to get Jay-Z to come, Angie come on alllll the rappers LOVE you get Hova there for us? Beat 105.1 Please? Info, everyone loves you too...Somebody.

Now watch do the set he did at all his heart of the city shows with DJ AM and Bring Beyonce out to teaste the groupies by showing that Hov put a ring on it.

P.S. if you go to a black college or university dont they look like the dancers that dance with the band?


dom corleone said...

this show was definitely official, hot 97 needs to step their game up! the izod center went nuts for jigga, as they should.. best moments were 'psa' and 'jockin' jay-z' imo

dom corleone said...

oh and here's a nice review from the ny times

peace ma!