Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Questions Need Answers

Does This Pink Theme Give You Guys A Headache?

Should I Go Back To Black?

Am I The Only One Who Saw That Interview With Jadakiss where he says "He wont be doing this internet shit" Click HERE if you missed it.

And If Im Not The Only One Who Saw It, Am I The Only One Who realized he has a web series called "Al Queda Jada"?

Am I the Only One That Doesnt Care Because He's Still That Dude?

Did You Guys Enjoy That "Morning Cofee" Show?

I Did I Think It Has Potential

Was Tionna Smalls [Chick With The Sunglasses] Also Your Favorite Person To Hear Talk On "Morning Cofee"

Am I The Only One Who Thought They Could Have Chosen A Better Title?

Lol Ok Guys Im Off To Do My Homework Hope You Enjoy The Blog. By The Way I FINALLY went PAST my 300th Blog yeah i never mentioned the 200th. Its like that when your Ear Hustling.




Da Hunni Toya said...

i love ur pink theme..lol

Anonymous said...

jada the roc jay there all washed up yeah i said your baby copper da don lol

E-Rich said...

I, and this may be inappropriate, I would put the penis to Tionna Smalls.