Sunday, October 26, 2008

WHOAAA, Oh No Journey's Didnt!!


A Young Man [who is fine might i add] Went to journeys to return some shoes and when he got his receipt and got home he saw that next to the part where it says Cust., which stands for customer it read Dumb Nigger.

What Part Of The Game Is This? At Journeys though? For Real? SMH. The family still has NO ANSWERS. I think racism is at a all time high during this election. First we got a white woman accusing a 6'2 knife wielding black man with shiny shoes of carving a backwards letter "B" on her face NOW we have cashiers putting Dumb Nigger on the receipt. RIDICULOUS!

Here's More Pictures Of The Receipt:


Malcolm Maximillion said...

I think he should get more money back or get to slap that bitch. That was just fucked up.

E-Rich said...

I saw we put on some patent leather shoes, beat that bitch and carve a B on her face. Forwards, though.

A.M. said...

it seems like everytime we take a step forward, we're taking 10 steps back. we're suppose to be making advancements when it comes to racism and look at all the racist shit thats been happening lately. ugh