Saturday, October 25, 2008


im going to waste your time because they wasted mines

Speaks on T.I., Why they dont like each other, wanting to slap Lil' Duval, Brings Tiny Into the Beef, And ...I Dont know what else because i turned it off shortly after Tiny's Name Was mentioned.

**"Stay off the T.I.P. Of My D***"

Didnt he say "We from the same hood you cant get on the track?" So you guys are saying he's not from Bankhead? or he IS from Bankhead? I been to ATL and i wouldnt brag about being from no bummy neighborhood. Im from Brooklyn Raised in south Jamaica Queens So Does That make Me A Thug?

Killa Cam, may you please do the honors.

you mad Pictures, Images and Photos

Give Credit Where Credit is due i just wasted 1-7 minutes of your life [because im sure you didnt watch the entire thing] thank you *bows* Thank you!

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Cat Hill said...

I'm originally from ATL live upstate now, I could see if they were bragging about Atlanta itself...but anyway I can't stand this big head disformed lookin dude...he hust mad T.I. is the talk of atlanta