Monday, November 10, 2008

Beyonce- Ego

As i said Beyonce's Album has leaked. And in a previous post i realized (Thanks To A.M.) That i have been being a bitch lately. Yep Yep. I Still dont think this is beyonce's best album, but not even my favorite artist (Jay-Z) Impressed me with ALL of his albums. But i cant go on about How her album is wack. I've heard it but im one of those people who have to allow certain music to grow on me SO.....I Digress. BUT YOU GUYS HAVE TO AGREE, when your Beyonce' theres alot of people who are looking for a 100% GOOD album, and dont expect anything less....maybe my expectations are (Too) high.

A.M. You better be looking out for that review though a week after her album drops. If i dont like it after a week i sweeaarrrr imma let you know LOL

P.S. this song IS Hot! I Like it.

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