Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beyonce's - Diva

Beyonce's Song Diva I Bet You cant Guess Who Produced This Song? Well Maybe You Can....Yeah Bangladesh. Listen To DIVA by Beyonce Below:

Her Album has Been Leaked. Well im not so sure it's her entire album. I SERIOUSLY think it was only Sasha's Album. Because the songs I've heard were upbeat songs that sounded extra hood like "Diva". So Im assuming its Sasha's. I Would Give my personal opinion On the songs but then someone's going to call me a Beyonce hater so I'll Shut Up. NO!! Puh-Leasseee You know Superwoman Cant Just shut up. This is an A milli Freestyle, I dont want to say the song is wack because i think it just has to grow on me like single ladies did, but at the moment im NOT feeling this. Bangladesh You Need To Stop shorting artists and give them a REAL beat. I heard you didnt even create the original A Milli beat alone but you take full credit.

I Got The Heads Up From Necole Bitchie via her twitter tweet.

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E-Rich said...

I, unfortunately, like it, but as someone who makes beats, I feel that Bangladesh is an assclown for using the same drum pattern. And he actually didn't make A Millie. Apparently, someone else made the beat and he just changed the drums around.