Friday, November 7, 2008

Does Fabolous Feel Underrated?

Mr. Loso (In case you didnt know so) talks about his album Loso's way which is on its way and should be dropping in 2009. He also speaks on whether he feels underrated as a rapper. Hmmm Lets see what he has to say:

Ok so following in the footsteps of Hova's Movie storyline themed album "American Gangster" Fab decided to take Carlito's way and do the same thing. I personally am not going to hate on this because i would love to see what he does with this because my cd player is actually missing you Fab. Nothin' To Somethin' was cool and My C.D. Player L O V E S Real Talk but it needs something fresh. I can also appreciate how he took the "from nothin' to somethin'" concept and kept it going by finding a movie to theme his album off of, i can see Carlito's Way has alot of influence on his recent music.

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E-Rich said...

I know, since Fabolous is practically little Jay-Z, maybe they should fuse. Overrated + Underrated = Properly Rated!