Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dont Ask why I Posted This Here

As i said before i may be coming out with a book called "Charm School for Rappers" (sarcastic) ...and here's another Charm School Lesson.

Because You Are a part of a rappers "entourage" does not mean that you should be bragging about money ....if your room looks like that.
where are YOUR venetian floors? Italian furniture?
I swear black people we got to do better than this. WHAT kind of Al Queda mess is he on? I'm glad he did that because I'm from Brooklyn and i don't want to know if i know him or not because i would probably be embarrassed.

WHY are people so ignorant? he says "Ya parents do their music thing, this is all me" Out of curiosity what does "This is all me" mean? *stare* You doing something illegal? because if that's from a legal job.....send me an application. and did he say Louis Pocket book or purse? *raises eyebrow* Gucci shades and your room looks like that? that woman's scarf around your neck and your room looks like that? iQUIT.
He motivated me to change the name of the book:

Charm School For Rappers and Their WEED CARRIERS ENTOURAGE.

That is back to more important stuff. OH WAIT P.S. Fabolous... if these are not your clowns ...i mean people then please let us know asap!


copperdadon said...


andrina said...

SOOooOO I laughed out loud at the Al Queda comment...LoL..
I peeped that video a couple of days ago & wondered wtf dude was up to...

Anonymous said...

He's not street fam & he's not cpc either..

he lives in east new york.

Jervis said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,dats all i can do,LAFF,hahahahahahahahahaa