Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Free Vibrartors For Voters!!!

YEAH You read that title correctly. In NY if you vote you can go down to Babeland Sex Toy shop and get a FREE MINI Vibrator. HOW HOT IS THAT? Congratulate Yourself the American Way! Lol

Ok Ok Well thats not the only thing you can get for free, you can also get a starbucks coffee and Ben And Jerry's Icecream If You Vote. Just go stand in line, cast your vote and head on down to these places and get your stuff!


dom corleone said...

heyyyy now, how bout that! lol

gotta love free anything

E-Rich said...

And a free donut from Krispy Kremes. You forgot Krispy Kreme.

Super Woman said...

i didnt know about krispy kreme