Sunday, November 2, 2008

Governor Palin Got Punk'd

Two pranksters pretending to be the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, called Governor Sarah Palin and threw out false names of Political figures, said his wife made a song called "Joe The Plumber" Lmao, AND then says he enjoyed her "Edgy Documentary" Nailin' Paylin before he finally tells her she was being pranked. It seems as if she had NO idea that she was being pranked the entire time until he tells her.

People can say what they like about Sarah Palin but i think she cool as hell after this prank, a little slow but definitely cool. I mean who else do you know that would pretend that they knew all those fake names, and then laugh when told they can go shoot and kill harmless animals, and NOT get upset about the mentioning of the Nailin' Paylin porn. LMAO I loved it!

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