Thursday, November 6, 2008

Her Milkshake About To Get Her Choked Up


SOooooo according to Internet chatter Hip Hop weekly has spoken to a "rapper" named Infrared. I personally can care less about his rap career, so lets skip to the REAL juicy stuff. Remember when i told you guys that Wendy Williams had a Sex Tape With A Rappers wife Gettin Busy? Yeah wellll the sh*t has hit the fan, rapper Infrared claims he's the guy in the video with KELIS. He told hip hop weekly he also looked in the camera lovingly and caringly and out of consideration and concern for Nas said "I GOT YO B*TCH GETTIN NAKED FOR ME YOU NEED TO HANDLE YA MUH' F**KIN BIDNESS"
That was so nice of him. Anyway For Nas' sake i hope this infrared guy is an attention whore whose lying, I could really care less about Kelis and what happens to her, hell i always figured she was giving them milkshakes that brought the boys to the yard up for free.


E-Rich said...


See, that's when you have to severely injure a nigga. I mean, it's her fault for being a slut if its true, but when dudes are saying this type of stuff while they boning your girl? Nah, that's lame talk for "I don't like having fingers."

dom corleone said...

LMAO is this the same "Infared" that rhymed with the Ruff Ryders back in the day? I coulda sworn one of those dudes had that name..

Anyway, I heard 'bout this too and I think he's just trying to get attention, maybe resurrect his non-existent rap career LOL..

If I was Nas I'd call dude out and say tell the shit to my face rather than try to put me on blast under false pretenses.. then knock him out!

Can't be talkin' bout wifey like that.. unless it's true *gasp* we'll see..

Super Woman said...

Dom ....Its true we're talking about Kelis.

I Heard about this sex tape A LONG time ago, even before wendy williams said anything.

it may not have even been while they were married
and he may not have even said that in the tape but i believe its floating around out there somewhere