Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kanye Hates Hova....So Damon Dash Says

I Guess being broke makes you desperate to talk about anything. Damon Dash Broke ass reportedly told people that Kanye West had a grudge towards Jay-Z for not "Knighting" him when he was inducted into Roc A Fella Records. Here's The Story:

Kanye West has hated mentor Jay Z since they fell out over a diamond chain in 2003- according to former Roc-a-fella records boss Damon Dash.

He claims that Jigga refused to ‘knight’ West with his own necklace while on stage at a concert in Chicago and that ever since the Love Lockdown star has held a grudge.

Dash told Complex Magazine: "This n- [Kanye ] was like, 'Wow. [Jay-Z] ain't going to give me the chain. I had to take off my chain and give it to him, and I was heated. I had the real canary diamonds. That s- cost $40,000! I told Kanye, 'Yo, you got to give that back when we get off this stage!'"

Kanye’s representatives have already rubbished Damon Dash’s story calling it ‘ridiculous.’ Other sources say the mogul is simply trying to drum up interest in his artist Jim Jones.

Lmao....Really Dame? You serious? Please dont go out like that. I say just invest time (Because you sure as hell cant invest any money because you HAVE NONE) in Jim Jones and stop talking about Jay-z. Its making you look bitter homie.


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╚»☆Authentic[Dimplez] said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww... Dame Dash need to go somewhere n take his broke troubles wit him...