Monday, November 3, 2008

Lil Fizz As Irrelevent As He May Be.....

You A Gangsta Because you lived In LA? LMAO you were once down with a group called
B2K singing "Bump Bump Bump" and other really corny boy band songs. You used to wear ponytails and barettes and stuff shut up, You used to chill and hang out with RAZ-B even though you call him a homo - (by the way isn't RAZ-B's girlfriend gorgeous yall?) - You were his best friend LOL. But NOWWW he's a homo? Oh Puh-Lease.

Yall im a gangster too you know why? because i was approached by Bloods when i was 12 and they told me how to rock my flag the correct way. So Im a thug, if he's a thug so am I.


Gangstarr Girl said...

Lil Fizz? Gangsta? iQuit.

WatzReal said...

Thats what I call another "Telephone Tuff Guy" Hollywood Thug...So fake