Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mood Muzik's Third

A Hip Hop Artist/Producer from Ohio ILLPOETIC mashed up Joe Buden's Mood Muzik 3, and Portishead's Third as well as some Older stuff and came out with this ill concept Mood Muzik's Third. Illpoetic makes it to where you can really get the emotion of Budden's words. Listen, and ENJOY!!

--> Download JOE BUDDEN/PORTISHEAD: Mood Muzik's 3rd

1. Hiatus
2. Dear Diary
3. Roll Call
4. Family Reunion (Which I Fell In Love With Again)
5. Long Way To Go
6. Secrets (Which I Cant Stop Listening to)
7. Warfare
8. Thou shall Not Fall
9. Ventilation
10. All Of Me

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