Friday, November 7, 2008

Did Sarah Palin Feel McCain Lost Because Of Her

Sarah Palin says that she's sorry if she caused John McCain one vote. Im soooo sorry but i feel like she knew she was the reasaon McCain lost. I never actually seen her give a non sarcastic, serious speech, but she seems serious here.

SARAH PALIN 2012!!! Make Sure Yall Vote!


Teems said...

I dont know...I think that was her way of saying "I am sorry...HE or YOU felt that way". Shes just tired of it and to have such a bad image and no win from this has got to hurt.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend this short, hilarious youtube video, Blame Game : Et tu, Palin? Palin 2012

The truth is John McCain squandered his chance to make his case to the American people. He used the Pitbull with lipstick as a distraction and it backfired when he got bit trying to put the muzzle on.

p.s., She'd do well to hide her wardrobe from the GOP lawyers at Sen. Steven's house. He's used to storing unrequested gifts and not disclosing them. They should be safe there!