Monday, November 17, 2008


OG Triple Gangster AKA Donald Trump takes shots at President Bush for Messing Up America, He speaks on how he feels about Barack Obama, and Trump says 50 Straight Jacked The concept of his new show from him.


50 comes back at him....calling him an "Old Guy" I mean come on 50, all them disses and the best you can say is "Old Guy" man, 50 you getting old hun....

50 also went after Donald Trump, who recently said the rapper was, er, inspired by "The Apprentice" for 50's new reality show, "The Money and the Power."

"Donald Trump talking about my show and how it's a knockoff of 'The Apprentice'? He's crazy!" 50 said. "That's what happens when you get older — you start to view things differently.

"First, let me point out [my show] got the highest ratings," he said, also claiming that it beat out "A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila."

"And she kissed three girls! She's a hard act to follow," he joked.

You Know NO INTERVIEW is complete....

... without 50 talking smack about Kanye's Album, Or ANYBODY's Album for that matter
He also speaks on Kanye's New album taking shots at Ye' because he's bitter

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