Monday, November 17, 2008

Solange @ NY Paper Awards.

I usually almost always disagree with some of the stuff that solange wears where ever she is. After her album dropped she stopped wearing alot of flamboyant fethery furry frilly stuff. Well,.....She's back at it and guess what, for some reason I LOVE IT THIS GO ROUND.

--> Its the outfit above, i told Solange to get rid of that fur shawl thingy but she didnt listen BUT look at those FABULOUS shoes!! Im amazed and i love them. So the shawl gets a pass

--> Now the above outfit is completeyly GREAT.
I love the frilly smiley face shirt.
I think im going to go look for something like that when i get back to NYC.
and once again,
THE SHOES...Love Love Love Them.

Both Pictures Via YBF

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