Friday, November 21, 2008

T.I. Takes the witness stand

Lmao @ the first couple of questions.
Lmao @ them saying he has a felony.
Lmao @ him saying thats an "Assumption"
Lmao @ them caring about Rihanna doing a song with him
Lmao @ him having three hit songs
Lmao @ him "awaiting sentencing in the federal system, so theres the answer for all you haters wondering why he wasnt in jail, he's awaiting sentencing. The funny thing about that is how you thugs SWORE he should be under the jail by now. He getting a good name, so the sentence isn't harsh

I dont even know what to say ...we made history two times in one month. Black president. T.I. on the witness stand. I dont even really want to speak on this too much because unlike everybody who was bashing him i KNOW i dont know everything about this case so until i do (which i may never care to know) I'll shut up about it.


Jervis said...

OMG,i swear,I NEVER heard a white man ask so many IRRELEVANT questions in almost half an hour

Miss.Fortune said...

what does his current hit songs have to do with the case...i had to watch it twice thinking i missed something