Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I didnt watch this because i still dont know if the "Arab's" Are happy about this. As soon as i hit NY next week I'll be asking one of these guys.

PLUS if these guys are getting Arab Money why didnt they shoot this video in Saudi Arabia ..Im Just Sayin'. If your going to brag about it, be about it.'s the video:

A Remix? Is this video know what, whatever. I guess he's making a video to the remix.


She W0rd Hustlez said...

Busta is like a big ass nigga, and that alone is taking me quite some time to get use to. Damn the Arabs!!

I like the song though, and doing the dance in the club. It's simple, and I don't hurt myself like I do when I dance to B's Single Ladies song.

andrina said...

I personally think the song is WHACK is Busta should just sit down

E-Rich said...

They had a guy of middle eastern descent in the video, so I guess they're not that pissed. I still think they shouldn't have gotten Rik Cordero to direct the video. I really think he's a terrible director. He's the anti-Hype Williams.

Teems said...

Yea I only acknowledge the song in the club. LMAO @ how many MF's are in that video. I dont think the song was THAT good!.