Monday, December 8, 2008

BK Anthem - Jay Z & MC Lite

Picked this picture because i was feeling very reasonable doubt-ish listening to this. He really took it back with this track.

Whoaaaaa I Saw this and I had to let you guys hear this. Its supposed to be off the "Notorious" soundtrack. Im a brooklyn Native and us Brooklyn people are so proud of where we from. After seeing everybody throw "Brooklyn (We Go Hard)" on myspace pages all across NY and even some people in other states i cant wait to see how long it takes before they have this posted.

Jay Z ft. MC Lite - BK Anthem

Via Nah Right who got it from White Men Can Blog
But Eskay over at nah right gonna have the one with no drops so yall keep checking his blog for that. I aint posting it LOL

"Every where you go Brooklyn is in the houseee"

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dom corleone said...

LOL @ White Men Can Blog

Thanks for posting the track, I need this without the drops! :(