Monday, December 15, 2008

Diddy's Competition "I Am King"

I went to Macy's yesterday and walked past this and they happened to only have 2 LEFT!! im like this stuff must smell good so i asked the lady could i smell it. I swear its nothing i would want to smell on a man. Its not sexy and its very Feminine. It has a citrus-y smell.

Speaking of citrus fruits here's how me and the lady in Macy's almost got into a fight.

ME - "Are you sure this is a men's cologne, It smells like a citrus fruit which is usually meant for women." (talking to my aunt, rhetorical question)

Woman - "Yes, it is for men and it doesnt smell like a citrus fruit, it smells like grape fruit"

Me - (gives her the side eye) "ma'am, did you say Grapefruit?"

Woman - "Yes, dont you agree" she directs her question towards my aunt who knows what im thinking.

Aunt - "Yes"

Woman (Gives me the side eye like she said something smart) *Smile*

Me - "Hmmm ok thanks, I think I'll be buying something a little less FEMININE" (As sarcastic as possible)

.... IF IM NOT MISTAKEN, grapefruits are apart of the citrus family right? I thought so....


Teems said...

You know those sales people dont care about what they say. She was hoping you were stupid as her. lol

Micheal Kors has a citrus smell for men too from last year or something...but then again MK isnt isnt exactly a masculine person. I have to smell this myself to be the judge of the fruitiness---no pun intended.

plainjane. said...

haha, i wouldve laughed.
its totally apart of the citrus familia!

Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

Lmao that lady is straight buggin..

Macy's is the best, I used my family and friends 20% discount yesterday to cop some new dress shirts, a scarf, a tie, some shoes, and sweaters chyeaaa!