Friday, December 19, 2008

Just Got Back From Japan, Business Class - Joe Budden

Dj Enuff - "I Just Got Back From Asia"

Joe "Thats why Ya Score Lookin So F*cked Up"

Dj Enuff (Changes subject back to Asia) "Yeah, I Was Flying Business Class"

5 Minutes Later Joe Budden's Turn To Bowl

Angie " This Ain't My Normal Score"

Joe - "This Aint My normal Score Either, I Was In Japan, Business class"

Angie - "I Was In Dubai"

Joe - Something about P - Diddy

Angie "Nobody Gives A F*ck, Just Bowl"


Even though i talk alot of smack about Rappers and their Vlogs i must say that Joe Bdden has the realest, funniest one. His is actualy one that i actually enjoy.

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Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

"JoeBuddenTV.Com 1/1/09 it's coming - that's what she said"

LMFAO Joey is on some other shit, hilarious.

Angie funny too 'cause Joe is just a clown LOL.