Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Hand Of God Strikes Again

Well not really, but Hell Rell says not to f*ck with the hand of God.

LMAO First Maino trying to use the hand of God on Young Berg, Now Hell Rell is trying to use it on Max B. There's either alot of blasphemy going on or all of these dudes are 5 percenters. If you want to see some messy ignorant talk press play.

This is probably the best circus since the wringling brothers. Once again i would like to thank Cam'ron for not joining this circus. Can somebody please find Cam by the way. Please and thank you.

1 comment:

Jervis said...

yo,dead ass,to be real HONEST, thats my nigga hell rell, but cmon, certain mouths shouldnt even be open. yeh he moved SOME units, but that shit aint do damage man.lets be real, but i guess he's settling, i guess hes grateful for his accomplishments