Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jean Graeee We've Missed You.

I remember when Jean Grae was selling verses On Craigs List. I thought that was too funny and obviously a joke (It Wasnt) but anyway. I was in a serious conversation about the decline in quality female rappers (I Said Quality, and Nicki Minaj these new chicks are just not quality in my eyes). Well heres Jean Grae along with 9th wonder and talib Kweli.

**in regards to my Nicki Minaj AKA New Chicks Comment, i actually liked her music when she first came out and supported her due to the lack of a female rapper at that moment in time but im tired of hearing about how she's the baddest bitch. Its annoying now, almost like 50 cent and how many times he got shot.**


dom corleone said...

It's pretty crazy you bring up Jean right here 'cause I was going thru my iTunes to make my end of the year best of/worst of, etc and I didn't even remember that her and 9th came outwith "Jeanius" this year.. It got bootlegged like crazy tho

She def can spit better than most dudes, she's downright scary sometimes haha

mizsoul said...

I love Jean Grae. She´s the best female rapper without a doubt.

Oh and thanks for the explanation about "gettin head" :)

Amanda Allison said...

YouTube is being lame and won't let me watch the video :/ I love Talib, though! And, I do agree about the QUALITY of female MCs; its below par. I think if we could just have Lauryn Hill back (circa miseducation not miss coco for cocoa puffs) things could fall into place.

Jervis said...

never heard of her...but now im interested,lol...

anyway...i fucks with you,i LOVE yurr honesty....

i mean, i dont fully support soulja boy but what he was saying pertains to EVERY artist. I support his hard work as a young nigga

the kicks, I mean, those are light, the orange basketball ones will ONLY be worn on the court,lol

you SHOULD consider sex and the city,when you are EXTREMELY bored..

and buying albums because of the single??, i meant to say music, not single.smh, who does that???

anyway, thanks for yurr comments, ALWAYS appreciated.