Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jim Jones Interview/ How I Feel About These Vlogs.

I want you to watch this before i say something. I have been called a hater but i know im not, I just say stuff that others dont agree with. So watch this, maybe you'll understand why im about to say what i have to say.

Watched it? GOOD.

Now is this something that you want to see in an interview? is this something that you actually care about? I mean seriously, if you are over the age of,..lets say 18, and your not a stick up kid, do you really care about how much Jim Jones is walking around with?

I didnt think so. I would continue saying what i want to say but i dont want to offend any one, however i would say this and anybody can take it how they want, "Interviews with SUBSTANCE".

1 comment:

Brothers Blog said...

i KNOW that I could care less. Is the nigga gone break bread with me? lol.