Monday, December 22, 2008

Joe - "Its different to know and to have been there"

I agree but you cant knock him for actually knowing his stuff. I happen to be a youngin' maybe older than Charles Hamilton, but I do believe when your young you don't know what it was like to hear an LL album and a Rakim album or a Slick Rick album, especially during the whole hype of the album, but i think its amazing that you can listen to an old school artist and appreciate it while the hype isn't at the magnitude it was when it initially came out. Like Enuff or Ortiz said you also don't want to put the greatest artists in an order. I know i don't like telling my top ten favorite artists because people get mad and tell you your wrong as if you were spitting your list as fact instead of opinion.

Who's your favorite artist of all time, mines is Undoubtedly still Biggie!

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Velle Of CPC said...

tie btwn Hov & Rakim dont knock me either