Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kanye And His Samples.

Um. I dont know if the person who made this was hating on Ye' BUT. I must say that i actually like music made with samples. Especially songs that i've never heard like the elton John Sample for "Good Morning". I cant be mad at him, and maybe it'll help me appreciate his album much more. Jervis Its growing on me (maybe). We have artists who steal whole verses to R&B songs *cough* wayne *cough*.

Well here's a bunch of songs Ye' sampled and his songs with the samples on them.

P.S. can anybody explain it to me in my comments why its called a "sample"

I typed out about 5 minutes into the video of songs he sampled but they disappeared. Well watch the video for those songs and titles. I think somebody may have typed them in the subtitles or something.

Kanye is a musical genius and possible dictionary. Om just happy he knows most of those songs and he's not one of those hip hop artists who when asked who their inspirations or something is they answer with a predictable "KRS One". I have NOTHING against KRS one ... Im Just saying its nice to know something other than hip hop. I think I'll take another listen to the album, and i understand why he dresses the way he does now. Alot of kid's choose retro, Ye' took it back to the late 60's and 70's on us. Just look at the songs he chose to sample. Ye' got Sooouuulllll!!


dom corleone said...

If you want to check out all the samples Ye has used on all of his CDs, my boy Ivan hooked it up here


I'm assuming it's called a "sample" because the producer takes a sample of a certain part or aspect of the original, whether it be a vocal or individual instrument like a snare drum, then uses it in a new way for a new song.

Also, I've noticed I've gotta be in a certain mood to enjoy 808's to the fullest. I can't listen to most of the tracks unless I'm in a solemn, emotional mood. Give it another try if you get in that type of mood and maybe you'll like it more?

Great post though, See ya boo!

G-M0N3Y said...

yo! thats deeeep ..

some of the songs he's sampled i've never heard of! .. lol

just comes to show the wide variety of genres 'Ye gets his inspirations from .. and sampling to me is not only a compliment to the artist, but to the genre of music, because its showing that u like and appreciate their music so much, u wanna make it a part of ur success as well .. as long as credit is given where it's due, i see nothin wrong wit samplin music ..

and i feel wat DOM CORLEONE is sayin .. 808's is definitely a LP to listen to while u havin quiet time, or just reflecting/reminiscing .. its hard to bump it at certain times of the day, cuz it just dont sit well with how i'm feelin ..

Love the post tho!

hell, to me, EVERYTHIN is a sample nowadays cuz almost NOTHIN is original anymore .. and if u think it is, check ya facts, i guarantee u can trace it back in time somewhere ..

She W0rd Hustlez said...

Dude is a genius. I think that GOOD music should be sampled. A lot of Kanye's songs make me feel good, because I recognize them from what my daddy use to listen to in the house or on roadtrips when I was little. I grew up with an old soul, and Kanye added his own spin to it, which makes it even better.

Jervis said...

hahahaha,she said ye got soul. But yeh man, I agree, he makes you appreciate music as a whole. cuz to be honest if we just stick to hiphop,we're gonna be a miserable bunch of kids. and i smiled when u said he was a musical genius. like i said i respect how u felt about the album at first, but its like when you really sit down with the album, it hits you. but cool post, and im lost as to why they call it a sample, ask TAYLORGOTBEATS