Sunday, December 14, 2008

Knaye - "Turn My Autotune UP SNL"

They may not have turned his autotune up, but they sure as hell needed to, Kanye is NOT a singer lol. It was either low or he didn't use it at all. Are there portable Autotune machines?

ANYWAY Wanna know what i think about this performance? Kanye be feeling his music and i felt it. I started off not liking this whole autotune record. I liked that he decided to do it because i felt like he was taking control of HIS music and it was him doing what he wanted to, but i knew i probably wouldn't like it. Pinocchio story has grown on me TREMENDOUSLY. I can understand where he was coming from in the song and i love how he mixed it with heartless in this performance. I think i wanted to cry and fight the heartless female. This performance was AMAZING. One of the best performances that SNL has had all year long. BEYONCE ...KANYE BEAT YOU!

His album (which i had to listen to a couple of times) is relationships, break ups from a males perspective and i think females didn't understand it (i didn't) but I'm glad i listened and now i understand that you guys do hurt too.

"I Just Wanna Be A Real boy" - Alot of you artists need to listen to this song, losing yourselves in the cash, bling, and bitches. Kanye's telling us he's just human, and the music industry makes him feel ....unhuman. He just wants to be a real boy.

Here's Kanye performing Love Lockdown on SNL


chavita!!! <3 said...

i hate his new stuff :( cant digg it at all i think all the synthesizers take the soul of the music he cant singgg lol good post though :)

Jervis said...

@chavita, im mad u just OD'd.

and for u superw0man, im proud of u. your mind is

E-Rich said...

I like 808s & Heartbreak as an album, but I wouldn't buy it. That shit is waaaaaay too emo for me. I am, however, feeling Say You Will. That's my yam.