Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mark Morrison Ft. Dmx - Innocent man

All i know is i saw DMX and i wanted to watch and turns out i like it.


copperdadon said...

this gets me down real down cause right im fighting some case that if i lose will put me away for a long time them i just got to let god pave the way

Jervis said...

yo,fa real, what do I have to do to get you off my damn back about this soulja boy shit. huh??, wtf. I AM NOT FAN!!!,i juss listen to the shit. and no i dont do the FUCKING dance. and I LOVE music too, WHO DO U THINK U ARE!!!!!!!. (Loololol,trying to be mad at u). SHIT, fuck, and ok, u got it, saying that I listened to soulja boy b4 Gunz, but shit,I DO NOW,and WE ALL KNOW that gunz is WAY better than SB, so CHILL, relax.

and the next time u make it seem like im glorifying the dude, we gonna be FIGHTIN,dats my word.