Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ne Yo - Mad (Have You Seen This Video Before)

I Know I'm Late Posting this, and i wouldn't post it if i was late because you would have already seen it. BUT I'm here to point something out. Well first lets post the "Mad" video, which is great. I love the concept and i fell in love with the song a long time ago.

But (possibly) Unlike you guys I'm a Nickleback fan, yes i said fan. I couldn't help but realize how ...."similar" Ne Yo's video was to Nickleback's "Someday" video, Which was brilliant and probably more explosive and shocking in the end than Ne Yo's because i predicted once he tried to save the kid that he was dead.

Here's Nickleback's Video This song is great i love it and still do.


plainjane. said...

im in love. with neyo. officially. lol

G-M0N3Y said...

wow .. this my first time seeing the "Mad" video .. and i LOVE it, real deep ..
wen i got the album, this was the first song i was really diggin too!

E-Rich said...

I watched the Nickelback video when you posted it on myspace. That was way more shocking. You didn't realize it until the end like, "Oh, shit, that nigga dead! Now his girl dead, too! They both dead!"