Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Beyonce Videos



Halo has grown on me sooo much that i think its one of my favorite songs on that album other than the tracks on Sasha Fierce's album.

I personally don't like the Halo video, because of the color they could have saturated and gave us deeper colors but i guess they had to use lighter colors since they are referring to a man as an angel but DIVA? That video is THE BOMB. It shows Bey in RARE form she was being a diva instead of the humble Bey we see in interviews. I was waiting for her to get cocky, i mean your dating a Brooklyn dude. Lol Great songs, Great Videos, You heard that from a Beyonce/Sasha Fierce Skeptic!


Kait said...

yeah , we all were waiting for her to get cocky. BUT this video disapointed me. no one in the video is hustling nothing. it STILL just shows her and those same 2 girls in the background, who could have been kelly and michelle. wackk wack wackkkk.

Teems said...

Damnit...I guess im late cause the link doesnt work. I will have to look it up.

I like halo too. However this CD wasnt her best.