Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Novakane - Shawty Said [video]

I dont know why but this song goes hard down here. They look at me funny when i change radio stations so i leave it on and let it rock. The original song is different from this and has no vocoder. The video version has someone else singing, because the original has Lil' Wayne, ... wonder what happened, well no i dont not really.

HOWEVER during thanksgiving we were talking about how brooklyn boys would have these southern girls Open and sprung!! I dont know if you heard it already or not but here's Jay-Z and Kanye west sampling another one of the lesser known artists. Like they did with M.I.A. they took Santogold and matched her up with Jay-Z and hip hop music and came up with this:
Brooklyn (Go Hard) -- Jay-Z ft. Santogold

Via On Smash .
Its old but maybe some of you haven't heard it yet, right?

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JuJu said...

i like this version of the song.. its def hot.