Friday, December 5, 2008

OJ Sentenced

15 years for stealing your own stuff? Really? SMH the American Justice system is something else. But My dude O.J. wasn't supposed to go out like this, crying and stuff.


ill;kinda said...

that's crazy right?
nah, he ain't getting 15 for stealing, they trying to get him back for the old case they didn't convict him for . they mad !

Anonymous said...

It's a shame for someone like OJ 2 receive almost 30 years in lockup. VEGAS DONT PLAY THAT SHIT. We all know that they not gettin him on the robbery. This is what happens when you talk, and dont leave the country. Also this what happens when you have all the $$$$$$$$ in the world and now when he get's out may not have nuttin


Lil Honey B said...

OJ should have known betta.

E-Rich said...

Shit, I'd be crying too. He was this close to staying out of jail for the rest of his life. What just happened to OJ is the equivalent of a runningback almost making it to the touchdown from his own 20 and getting tackled at the 3 yard line of the opponents red zone. Wait, OJ was a runningback. Then he knows what this feels like.