Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Saigon Is That You?

He lost me like 2 minutes into the interview. I can understand that he's excited about Obama, and Saigon really is a good dude, I heard one song from him (Pain In My Life) and I swear I ran that song into the hole (Slang for i listened to it until i couldnt listen to it anymore).

I dont know Saigon, give us something else.

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Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

Saigon is an interesting story.. He started off hyped with his tapes with Just Blaze and Whoo Kid - songs like "Stocking Cap," "Color Purple," and "Come Again" built his street cred (not to mention dude spent about half his life in jail) while "Breathe Thru The Years," "No Idea" and the aforementioned "Pain In My Life" revealed he thought deeper than your average rapper.

Then he had his stint on Entourage and then his buzz died, he kinda fell of the map like a damn anvil. I usually peep his new stuff when I see it but I can't remember the last time he released something I really felt.

Sounds like his music might just be the "Greatest Story Never Told" unless he can bounce back :-/