Saturday, December 13, 2008

We'll always Love Big Poppa

"It Was all a dream, I Used to read Word Up! Magazine"

In Honor Of Biggies new movie I'll Probably have alot of Proud Brooklyn Moments, and post alot of Biggie Videos, freestyles, performances and interviews before the movie drops. I think I loved Biggie since i first heard him oN Mary's Real Love remix and Super Cats Dolly My Baby (Which still has the highest number of plays on my itunes), and then Flava In ya ear came out and i was hooked so when Juicy dropped immediately after.....smh it was over. The first artist to ever pass away and i actually cried because i was upset, was biggie. I Never got to go to a Biggie concert because i was too young (tears). I don't know who else could possibly be more excited about A Biggie smalls movie than the proud People of Brooklyn and of course his Mom Ms. Wallace. Anyway Here's some oldschool Biggie Videos (Throwback Freestyles)

This that oldschool very infamous freestyle of B.I.G on the corner freestyling when he was 17.

WAIT..Im not Done YET!!! Another Biggie Freestyle With NAS. Nas Ripped it, and who was that wiping his face off like that? Nah Man! LOL Nah. Then Biggie comes to the mic and .....the crowd goes wild. (Smile)

Music isn't the same and change is inevitable but I'm not one to encourage change unless its for the better. I don't think music necessarily took a change for the better, at least in my own opinion, so Biggie is TERRIBLY missed by me.


Gangstarr Girl said...

Aw man. Good shit! I really miss the mid-nineties.

She W0rd Hustlez said...

I'm not from Brooklyn, but this brought back memories. Which goes to show that Biggie made a big impact on people worldwide. :(

Jervis said...

this was beautiful