Thursday, January 29, 2009

Biggies Kids Are Cute...

This is of the Smalls children doing the whole Internet communication thing. Did she name her dog Brooklyn? THAT'S HOT! And it was also one of my This is too cute. Then Faith comes in "Aren't you on Punishment Tyanna?, How do you turn this off?" Lol @ Faith. I love that these kids are being KIDS.

Tyanna - "CJ Did You Know we had the same last name?"
CJ - "I Should put you on Mute for that, I'm putting you on mute."

Here's her Response (8 Minutes) to her Dad's Movie.


Miss.Fortune said...

"it was soooooooo goood" lol
i JUST saw the movie yesterday..
but neways they are sooo coo..
i was thinkn in my head last night i wonder how old she is by now..
and then u put these thanks for makin me laugh..

i like the fact there being kids too cuz now n days alot of kids are older than they appear.and tryna be grown..i tell my godsister all the time to calm her lil ass down and dont grow up too fast

Nique_ Famous* said...

LOL their adorable love them their goofy just like their father you can tell he lives through them, and Tyanna is right that girl played Kim so well and the movie was amazing better then I expected.