Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"I Used To Be Scared Of The D*ck...."

When i heard about this joint i immediately thought of that Lil' Kim Quote where she says "I Used to Be scared of the D*ck Now i throw lips on the sh*t" LMAO DONT ASK ME WHY. Anyway. Nas obviously knows about this fear of a black man's penis and decided to do a song about it. So Here It Goes:

Download: Fear Of The Mandingo - Nas

Me and my English professor (Who's a white female) actually had this conversation about fear of the sexuality of African American Men, so i must say that once again it may seem like just a rap song but Nas really is kicking that Knowledge on this track.

Produced By Green Lantern, And Off The Eldorado Black Project

"Color Never Matters When The Lights Are Off"

UPDATE: I've listened to this song and umm its knowledge but wtf? LMAO OK I'm Done, That Is all.


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E-Rich said...

I see what you meant by wtf. It's really true and shit, but, what the fuck, Nas. He might get boycotted for this or some shit. I remember my African history teacher told us how he went to college in England and one of his professors said her fantasy was to have sex with a black man on top of a mountain while monkeys played in the background. I'm like, "Wait, what?" She also told her students that some dudes in Africa could wrap their shit around their waist.

The song does kick knowledge, and that's cool, but I'm not putting a song about penis on my PSP.