Thursday, January 15, 2009

Letter To Saigon - Joe Budden

Comments Anyone?

WELL first i would like to say that everyone knows i go hard for Joe Budden but this is almost like when the Jay-Z "Diss" to fat joe came out (That wasnt really a Fat Joe Diss). WHY did he wait so long to diss Saigon? Did i miss a Youtube diss or something?

For people who dont know about the infamous line in a song that Joe Budden is referring to then Watch This where he talks about it (Over like ....the summer)

Umm And Yeah He Addresses some other people (ransom) in this video.

UPDATE: Apparently i posted the video of Saigon talking reckless about Joe Budden Because of that diss recently and i just never watched the whole video so i didnt hear that part. Hmmmm So I guess Saigon you stirring up old bullshit.


E-Rich said...

Or like GZA taking five years to make a 50 Cent diss. That shit was disheartening.

Super Woman said...

LOL I figured it out ...update up top

Athena Christine. said...

i love joey b. ;]