Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beyond Chris Brown And Rihanna

I Know i posted alot of bullshit today (Yesterday In Some States) But i think that it's time to be a tad bit serious. This is for all the people running around yelling "I'll Chris Brown You". I Dont understand how you can turn a noun into a Verb but you guys did it.


B.unique said...

so righht,
i actually heard a boy in tha mall tell his girlfriend, "i'll Chris Brown you" like whattt ??

E-Rich said...

Let me give you an example of people standing up for Chris Brown from his facebook fan page:

”chris u didn't need her we love u no matter wat and in a few months u'll be completely over her so don't let it bother u”

Here's another one:

”i dont see how many of you cann turn on CB for one little incident, im sure u 2 have done summat bad whether its worse or not as bad. CB is a human like evry last one of us. i dont see how you can judge him for that”

See, I think these little broads are missing the point that he didn't just hit her, he whooped her ass. This little boy knows martial arts and he unleashed the dragon all over Rihanna's poor little face. That's some domestic violence of the worst kind for yo ass.

BeastMo White said...

Its interesting that every generation has a "Prime Example" of demostic violence. Is it wrong?Yes it is! Will it stop because of this situation? No unfortanatly. The question isn't is it right or wrong. The question is more how long till we forget and/or forget?
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its beastmo