Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chef Boy R' CAM!!! (Cookin Up - Cam'Ron)

And He's Back. I wasn't feeling that I Hate My Job joint that much (it was ...differet) BUT THIS???? This Is The Cam I Was Lookin For.

Some Killa Cam Dates:

Crime Pays (The Album) Comes Out On May 5th On Asylum/Diplomat Records.
Get It In ohio Drops FEBRUARY 25TH On MTV's Sucker Free.
Crime Pays (The Movie) Comes Out In July


Jervis said...

dats my dude,the only nigga still rockin durags like it aint played out

E Dot DizZy said...

Cam.. Bout time he showing his face. He has his own lane. Nice video, eye candy. Joe Budden is a beast to say the least. Just hope he finally get a second chance to put something out.

Miss.Fortune said...

uh on full force comeback huh