Friday, February 20, 2009

Hip Hop Quotable: David Banner VS. Perms

*Sigh* As The week started to come to an end this week i didnt think that i would find a Good Hip Hop Quotable...Until David Banner.....

Rapper David Banner asked women in the audience at a University to try to explain why they straightened their hair. Someone in the audience said something to the effect of "To get a decent job and not be viewed as a threat to a boss of a different race" ....

Guess What David Banner Said....
"This is what I mean when I say black people don’t love themselves, perming your hair is a clear example of ‘black-on-black crime’ and media control. Black-on-black crime is not just a black person committing a violent act against another black person.

Hell, i could have sworn a black woman invented the perm. How you gonna just Down Her WHOLE ENTIRE INVENTION? STFU and GTFOH

WAIT!! David Banner is also the dude who said the term Gangsta Rap Is Equivalent To The Word NIGGER *Blank stare*

IF IM NOT MISTAKEN David Banner you have some of the most derogatory (towards women) videos that depict African Americans as Thugs, gangsters, bitches, and hoes. If im not Mistaken Mr. Banner YOUR FIRST SONG WAS CALLED "Like A PIMP"

Am i Wrong Mr. Banner?

If I'm Not Mistaken Mr. Banner in the movie BLACK SNAKE MOAN, you depicted an African American That Sold Drugs and had sex with countless women. Did You not play the player/pimp/drug dealer role in the movie sir?

I Would like to formally tell you to sit your ass down and shut up. Do NOT misrepresent yourself as an African American who is "For The Cause" of Blacks.

Speaking of uplifting black people He also said this:
Chris Brown is being convicted and character assassinated in the media and we don’t even know what Rihanna did yet,”

As A BLACK MAN You should CONDEMN this kind of behavior especially since people of other races already believe that we are violent people. You should talk to Chris Brown and tell him what he did was wrong because CLEARLY what he did was NOT acceptable

I NEVER COMMENT on the hip hop quotable because they are usually of the ignorant nature but this infuriated me BEYOND belief.

P.S. I HAVE NEVER SAW A WOMAN IN YOUR VIDEO WITH OUT A WEAVE OR A PERM. So Obviously You Condone Black On Black Crime You Ass Hole.


Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

You saw Black Snake Moan?


And "Play" is still my shit, he can talk all he wants bc ain't no one listening to that ignance.

Latoya said...



`*ASH McCASH said...

wht wud i do wifout perms or a press && curl??????

&& niggers like tht be blowin mine to the max!!

Jervis said...

damn,u juss roasted his shit,he MAD