Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sade Songs Turned Into A Hip Hop Mixtape By Detroit Rapper Mae Day

Sade was only one of the most beautiful most talented soulful singers of our time. Well, My time anyway. Detroit Rapper "Mae Day" took some Sade tracks and rapped over them. I wasn't too sure if i was going to like this until i listened to a stream of the songs. Backed By Mick Boogie Produced By Denotes and Given a Thumbs Up By MC Serch (Nas' Illmatic) I think it came out pretty damn good.

DJ Mick Boogie, legendary femcee MC Lyte, and MC Serch (known for his membership of pioneering rap group 3rd Bass) all have different ways of describing Mae Day, but their sentiments of praise are all the same.

“I want to let the world know about Mae Day,” MC Lyte said, before freestyling with her on the air and later recording a song with her. “She’s coming, and I’m proud to know it and proud to say it.”

“Mae is dope, refreshing, unique, original, and has an integrity about her that most emcees lack nowadays,” Mick Boogie echoed. “I’m happy to be a part of her project.”


This is the first Track Off of that Mixtape:

Lovedddd it! I want to also share a quote from MC Serch about how he felt after he heard it:

MC Serch insisted that when he listened to Cherish The Day, that he had goosebumps—the same goosebumps he felt when executive producing seminal albums like Nas' Illmatic and O.C.'s Word…Life. "I hope that the rest of the audience is not so lost in the sea of mediocre music that this wave of talent gets lost," Serch said. "This is a voice women can ride for, and dudes can vibe to. … She's the female Jay-Z."

She said Imma Go Obama Flow Osama ....OUCH!!!! Please don't let Lil' Wayne Or Jay-Z Sign Her. Keep her away from Diddy too.

DOWNLOAD: Mae Day - Cherish The Day

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