Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I Am a LOYAL reader and buyer of "DON DIVA" Magazine, and i told you guys about the Rick Ross Interview and i finally got the magazine with the interview Via My Sister in NYC because they don't sell it here in the state I'm in for some odd reason. Soooo I Turned Immediately to the Rick Ross interview while out to lunch. BOY OH BOY ...the interview sure enough pissed me off to the highest extent of pissivity.
To the point a guy i was eating with asked why is my face so red [because im light skinned and what im feeling usually shows up on my face]

1. He says the picture is him. FINALLY!!!! He says This about denying it:
I done been up and i done been down and that's what makes me who i am. I never ratted on a nigga! I never prosecuted a n*gga! I never locked up a n*gga that is first and foremost. I always felt that me being the n*gga that I am, I never owed a n*gga an explanation."

When asked again he totally tried to avoid the question. He keeps telling the interviewer about how gangsta he is, how street he is, then contradicts his self saying that snitches should die, then says he doesn't believe in murdering his own people. I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs.

2.Question - Do You feel that the game has handcuffed you, and you have to live up to a certain image?
He then goes on to continue talking about how he HAD BMW's and expensive cars, he continues talking about selling crack and says he's an EMOTIONAL N*GGA [giggles] Then goes on and says that where he's from if he feels disrespected he "breaks n*ggas jaws" Then goes back to talking about what he "had" [more past tense lies]

3. Question - "How Do You Think this will affect your career?"
He talks about chilling with crips and bloods [which is clearly a lie because the crips and bloods never had a truce until 1992 so how you chilling with both in the 80's?] Latin kings, rollin' 60's and he continues to name gangs. I Guess to keep his "HOOD CREDIBILITY" up. He then goes as far as to say he's unstoppable and says he's like Biggie and Pac. [They're rolling over in their graves]

I Refuse to keep speaking on what the interview said, and i KNOW you are all probably just as angry as i am. How can a man who lied to the masses decide now to come to Don Diva and "Speak The Truth". P-Sam a well known man in Florida [Miami] for his own reasons then goes on to give his thoughts on the situation. He says that we shouldn't judge him on his career choice for 18 months. I Can respect his opinion but i think he should understand where alot of people are coming from. WE WOULD HAVE NEVER JUDGED THIS CLOWN IF HE HAD TOLD THE TRUTH IN THE BEGINNING. Its also upsetting to see him try to make us believe that he's some real hardcore, killer, murder, drug dealing, jaw breaking, gang affiliated, person. Some of the questions has the same answers how can different questions about 5 different things have the same answer [which was him basically saying that he's hood he sold coke, he gangsta, he break jaws. And the contradiction He rolls with murderers but don't believe in killing his own kind, he says he's emotional, but he doesn't care. HUH? Real Hip Hop heads know that not all of these rappers are killers, kingpins, and so forth. We know better, only the ignorant would falter, and believe that all of their favorite rappers are who they rap about being. WE real people are upset that he tried to even deny the shit [which he did] So I Still can care less about him doing a Don Diva Magazine, i still love the magazine, it was just one of the most upsetting magazine interviews that i ever read. But pick up issue 34 for the interview.

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