Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OK ...Sooooo....

Does Usher Know His Baby's Mother/Wife Tameka Foster...i mean Raymond, is a crazy lady?
According to the following he doesnt. I Know these are old and i should have BEEN posted them but, i didnt want to do it at first.


OK at first im like so he's chilling with his sister, or his wife's sister, maybe his cousin but then they said it's his nanny so im like ohhh thats a little weird but he has an album out and i guess his wife is busy spending his money, he came home early and decided to hang wit the nanny and the baby.
Well ...Whatever lets keep looking.

So NOW im like wow she's really close to this child, it has to be the ultimate Kid Nanny bond ever. Yeah ...But thats normal Nannies usually have a relationship with the kids. Lets see how the rest of the day went

WAITTTTT, Rewind ....[Looks closely at picture]
YES she did just kiss that baby in the mout....

Da hell you pointing at us for? Shit You see us? Yeah well Tameka see's You Now too.
And YOU KNOW LIKE WE KNOW ...She dont play that Ursh!!!
**Look at her in the background of this picture.

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